Equipping with Truth Ministries

Restoring Hope by sharing the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ to the people of Uganda

Bible Distribution

Bibles are scarce in Uganda, especially in the heart language of the people. Many people have been praying for a Bible all their lives and their joy in receiving one is overwhelming. EWT's goal is to strategically distribute Bibles to the people who will read and share their precious gift.

The impact of Bible distribution is profound.   

Leadership Training

EWT is deeply committed to serving pastors and ministry leaders by helping them grow in their knowledge of God's Word. Ultimately, they strive to develop intentional learning enviroments that will ground their people in the Word and ways of Christ.

Community Discipleship

Community Discipleship is the keystone of EWT's Discipleship Program. They are seeing it grow deep and wide as God is doing an amazing work in the hearts of the people through the study of His Word.

Child Development Program

Scripture is filled with passages expressing God's love and concern for the orphaned and destitute. EWT cares for the children holistically by nurturing their spiritual, physical and mental growth. The goal is that they will experience healing and restoration and be prepared for lives of service that will exalt Christ in their families, communities and nation. There are 5 initiatives in the Child Development Program:


    1. Child Sponsorship

    2. Jireh Children's Home

    3. Holiday Camps 

    4. School Partnerships

    5. Children's Chapel

Clean Water

80% of all childhood illnesses in Uganda are caused by contaminated water. Every time EWT drills a well, it's like a miracle to the people. It is their first step to economic recovery and their solution to the fight against water-borne illness. Many of the people testify that the wells have brought peace and restored hope that poverty will one day be erradicated in their communities. Farmers can now water their crops; businesses can be started; and women can have lives that consist of things other than walking long distances and hauling heavy jugs of water.

Livelihood Empowerment

The first step to help families with livelihood empowerment began in March of 2017. They focused on training 188 farmers to grow ginger as part of the Pilot Farming Project. In 2018, the project expanded to 500 farming families, and then to 900 families the next year. In 2020, 1200 families have qualified to join the farming project and are concentrating on growing soybeans. EWT believes that there are incredible possabilities and opportunities in the days ahead.